About Apothecary Express

Apothecary Express was born out of a personal experience of mine when I got very sick and couldn’t break a high fever. I had a telemedicine doctor call in medications for me to the pharmacy right across the street. The pharmacy wouldn’t take my payment over the phone. I was desperate, but had no strength to leave my bed.


My dear friend drove to the pharmacy, paid for my meds and delivered them to me. I thought, “we are only solving one part of the problem - making a house call visit or a telemedicine call, but what about those that can’t get their medications? There has to be a solution to this problem.”

I knew we needed a pharmacy we could team up with to help. Apothecary Express and CVS Pharmacy™ have now joined forces to create the perfect solution, and we couldn’t be more proud to be affiliated with such a great organization.

Our business team at Apothecary Express is like no other. We are built on the foundation of friendships, business relationships and most importantly, loyalty. Collectively our team has over 40 years in the travel industry. We pride ourselves on case management efficiency and excellent customer service and relations. It is with great pleasure that we are able to serve you, treating you as one of our family.

- Erika Smith, President / CEO

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